Oracle Integration Cloud Service




Understanding OIC: Oracle Integration Cloud Service:

We can,

  • Create a workflow that maps out or represents the business process.

  • B2B interactions with EDI X12 protocols support

  • Processing files using SFTP protocols

  • Using the adapters to make direct calls to Rest and SOAP APIs

  • Monitoring and scheduling business processes to increase automation flexibility.


What is Oracle Integration (OIC)?

Oracle Integration (OIC) is an iPaaS that makes it easier to integrate on-premises and cloud apps including Oracle ERP, Oracle HCM, and Oracle CX, all of which are market-leading solutions. OIC combines the intelligence of a self-driving, self-designing, and self-repairing integration system with the ease of a modern, cloud-based user experience.

By relieving the user of needing to create manual integration code, Oracle Integration enables them to concentrate on developing creative solutions. Prebuilt integrations, machine learning-based suggestions, and a sizable library of application adapters are all features of the platform that enable safe, enterprise-grade communication.


The key capabilities and benefits include:

  • business agility improvement through visual, low-code process automation.

  • Pre-built adapters for SaaS and on-premises systems allow for integrations that are up to six times faster.

  • A visual development environment is used to create and host commercial applications.


Oracle Integration (OIC) Features

Cloud Data Integration Features

  • ready-made connections

  • Changes to connectors

  • Data-quality services

  • Real-time and batch integration is supported.

  • characteristics for data security

  • console for monitoring


Pros and Cons

  • Adapters offer simple-to-use features.

  • Coding is not necessary.

  • Comprehensive log capture.

  • It is simple to identify problems and solve them.

  • Drag, drop, and click

  • For simplicity of use, more samples

  • Creating a workflow can occasionally be difficult. To create an effective workflow, you need to have a solid understanding of the technology.


Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC)

Due to the ease of deployment, SaaS adoption rates are rising, which is creating new silos. Your current on-premise and SaaS apps must be integrated with these new SaaS applications. For all businesses, Oracle Integration Cloud Service is the ideal remedy for issues with cloud integration.

With our Oracle Integration Cloud Service, you can easily combine SaaS and on-premises apps, automate business processes, acquire deeper insights, create visual applications, and use an SFTP-compliant file server to store and retrieve information.


Why Jesperapps?

We can help you link and integrate your back-office systems, including Oracle and non-Oracle applications, as well as your mission-critical on-premise, SaaS, and SaaS systems.

  • By instantly connecting any ERP, HCM, or CX app, you can: Accelerate phased modernization and digital transformation programmes; Minimize business interruptions by eliminating synchronisation issues and hold-ups caused by other traditional ways.

  • By adding customer-specific features and boosting usability with embedded extensions, you may lower training expenses. With visual design and pre-built adaptors, streamline processes and approvals across apps for coordinating end-to-end ERP, HCM, and CX activities.

  • Using Oracle Integration Cloud Service, a complete, secure, yet lightweight integration solution, you can connect your apps to the cloud.

  • With integrated ERP, HCM, and CX connectivity and automation services, you can enrich and increase the productivity of interactions with customers and employees.