Oracle Transportation Management


How Does Oracle Transportation Management Work?

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), a cloud-based solution, includes strong features for end-to-end transport management, from initial planning to execution. Transport management can reduce freight costs, raise service standards, and streamline operations thanks to it.

OTM, an industry-leading transportation management solution, enables logistics companies to efficiently manage every facet of their transportation operations. It makes it easier to manage transfer, external, and internal orders on a single platform. Oracle Transportation Management can be connected with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to take use of its wide capabilities.




Oracle Transportation Management's features

The Oracle Transportation Management platform is a state-of-the-art logistics enabling system. For 3PL providers and logistics experts, there are just too many benefits and features to discuss in a single blog post. But we've made an effort to highlight some of the more significant ones here.


Modeling the Logistics Network

Planning is made simple for your logistics company by this feature. Using restrictions and real-world data, you may design ideal scenarios and get incredibly accurate results that model the effects of change on your operations. Before making data-driven decisions in the real world, you can "model" them via side-by-side comparison.


Visibility in 3D

You may visualize the perfect filling of, for example, a trailer or container, from a variety of perspectives with the help of OTM's 3D Load Configuration Utility. Because it divides the shipment by geography, you can precisely identify which ship units are being unloaded at the original delivery location.

You can build shipments, select modes and carriers, and route your shipments using OTM's tried-and-true optimization engine while still adhering to your particular business needs. Through your supply chain, this engine helps establish dependability, predictability, consistency, and efficiency.


Transportation Network Modeling

You can use Oracle Transportation Management to model your company's transportation network and have the program choose the fastest and most cost-effective path for your orders. By viewing the network on a map, you can see the routes that your orders will take to get to their final locations.


Data in Real Time

At the press of a button, OTM provides real-time information on the weather, traffic incidents, and traffic conditions. This enables planners and dispatchers to make tactical decisions based on the information at hand to help cars avoid backups and other delays.


End-to-End Order and Shipment

This feature keeps you informed of your products' whereabouts during transportation. Strong re-drive technology and integrated workflow tools help to forewarn you of potential issues before they materialize.


Sources for Transportation

Using this technology, you can develop and carry out bids with service providers. Following the conclusion of the bidding, OTM's optimization algorithm allocates bids to carriers based on your requirements.


Language-Varying Application

More than 14 languages are available for OTM, and 3PL is a worldwide project. It is regularly used by users from all over the world and is offered in all of the major languages, including English, Chinese, German, French, and more.


Price Inquiry Function

Using the rate enquiry feature, you may uncover all reasonable options for shipping things to their destinations and compare pricing. OTM analyses all modes of transportation, carriers, and service levels to identify the best answers and rank them in terms of price and trip time.


Smart Billing

You can define rules for matching invoices, specify tolerances, automate the approval process, and issue vouchers using the OTM platform. As a result, the manual auditing and validation of transportation bills is now completely error-free. You may save a lot of money by automating these processes while also freeing up your team to work on more challenging or worthwhile tasks.


Routing in Networking

Utilizing OTM's powerful routing features, you can regulate how things go through your network after putting up your carrier's tariffs and through points. The software then determines the most effective route for your orders to take via the network.


Rate Preservation

OTM's rate maintenance capabilities make it simple to upload and maintain rates regardless of the method of transportation. Users set the desired rates' structure and attributes, export a template, collect the rates, and then reload the template to take benefit of this functionality.

Additionally, rates can be changed. All you have to do is download your current rates to a spreadsheet, make any necessary alterations, and send the updated file to OTM.


Oracle Transportation Management Implementation in Your Business

The potent Oracle Transportation Management solution has the potential to revolutionize your logistics and transportation processes. It can be used, among other things, to simulate your shipping network, bill customers, and plan logistics.

The best return on their investment in cutting-edge technological solutions is possible for 3PL providers by seamlessly integrating OTM with other technologies. OTM integrates with ERP systems, warehouse management software, and other digital software solutions to improve visibility and boost the efficiency of your company's processes.