How We Fight High Bounce Rate on Ecommerce Homepage


May 04, 2020

When landing, visitors unconsciously use the homepage to portray your company’s identity. There your company should try to inspire instant trust and interest – just in a few seconds. Among all the tips we could give you on creating a strong homepage presentation, the two best practices loom large.

Get professional UI design. We at ScienceSoft take UI design seriously. We start with a discovery phase to look into your products, research the target audience and run a competitive analysis. This allows us to craft the design that presents products favorably, appeals to customers and positions a website ahead of the competition. An elegant, classy and fresh presentation does always work out. Visually, the style we advocate looks as follows:

Promote unique value. I always recommend to ecommerce marketers and now encourage you to create an offering that resonates with your audience and gives them a good reason to buy with you. For a beauty line, this can be the advocacy of ethical beauty, for luxury fashion – in-store events and almost for any retailer – gift wrapping in pre-holiday time. As the second step, make sure that your homepage tells visitors about the gains you offer. You do want to spark their interest, don’t you?

Goal 2. A welcome appeal

We at ScienceSoft have investigated and solved the bounce problem frequently enough to trace one common tendency – this behavioral pattern prevails among first-time visitors. Hence, the homepage best practices we usually employ and recommend to you now are targeted at first-timers.

Make an exclusive first-time shopper offer. Announce the bonus above the folder to make it instantly visible (especially on a mobile homepage). Although I mention this technique as a way to reduce the bounce rate, it can work as a sales booster too. Here are bare facts. For one of our customers, we launched a campaign to increase conversions and, on completing, analyzed the outcomes. It turned out that about 80% of visitors used the first-purchase coupon.

Diversify the ways you present products. As a business analyst, I prove time and again – target audience research results in effective decisions regarding all business aspects, website design among the most evident. One of my favorite techniques to convert visitors on the homepage is to organize products in time-limited collections and, thus, introduce them to the audience in a new engaging way. Here are some ideas:

  • Target different customer segments. I offer psychographic segmentation to ecommerce companies to research their customers’ personality traits, values, and lifestyles. This allows ‘tailoring’ products or services to their interests later. For example, one could group specific outfits for different occasions to any segment of their customers or offer complete looks to younger millennials and representatives of Gen Z who haven’t evolved their own style yet and follow suggested trends eagerly.
  • Catch price-sensitive customers. Give quick access from the homepage to your current discounts and special offerings and win deal-seekers.
  • Prepare for upcoming events. I always stress the impact of seasonality on sales to our customers. When they want to get the most of holiday sales, I offer to collect relevant products in a custom category and promote it on the homepage. As a rule, these are either a collection of gifts or seasonal necessities.