• Innovation

    We follow a unique approach to brainstorming ideas.

  • Technology

    We never failed to renovate our expertise in niche technologies.

  • Reliable Support

    We are known for our reliable project management.

  • Integrity

    We stand by what we do as we charge forward to help clients.

  • One Stop IT shop

    Creating personalized touch with every application we create.


Jesper Apps was measured against the standard's new requirements for customer satisfaction, the establishment of measurable objectives, the use of metrics, and continual improvement and risk mitigation initiatives. Jesper Apps constantly reviews its processes, financials, people, and infrastructure and enhances them regularly.

  • Requirements are defined clearly and documented

  • Proper documentation and communication of project stages as it progresses happens to all stakeholders of the project.

  • Ensuring that development and control processes such as Project Management (planning, tracking and monitoring) and Software Configuration Management are carried out.




Your problems are our problems. We care about and empathize with the challenges faced by our clients. You'll often hear us ask, "Why do you need that? or, "Let's try another approach"—this shows that we think about the challenge at hand and try and address it—not necessarily being the same solution/approach that we thought we'd set out with.


Be it from quotes, design, development, or deployment, we follow an agile process, and we don't know how to operate in any other fashion. (c is our favorite letter, in case you don't know why it’s okay, we understand, as the speed of light is pretty fast and not everyone can catch that)


We have developed comprehensive guiding principles to achieve our goal of having the highest quality possible in our products, processes, facilities, and business software.