Hospital Management

Hospital management system brings all the information and flow in a single platform

  • Visibility & transparency

  • Streamline accurate reporting

  • Quality control

What is hospital management system ?

A hospital management system (HMS) is a web-based system that facilitates managing the functionality of the hospital or any medical set up. It integrates all the information of patients, doctors, staff, Inventory, hospital administrative details etc.

Why hospital management system is important ?

HMS was introduced to solve the complications from managing all the paper works of every patient associated with the various departments of hospitalization, it integrated modules Appointment, Billing, OPD, Inventory, Pharmacy, Laboratory, etc.

Benefits of hospital management

Digital medical records

The hospital database holds all the important patient data. Doctors without much delay to make an exact diagnosis and guide the patient’s health can obtain the disease history, test issues, prescribed treatment. It allows for lower risks of mistakes.

Department management

Hospitals specialists are capable to manage their possible resources, examine department staff work, optimize the supply series, etc. Another factor to consider is that the hospital department deals with digital data instead of countless paperwork.

Better data security

The point has been highlighted and strengthened by experts that hospitals that rely on the manual system are more exposed to data theft and leakage than automated ones. On the platform, we store all your data on the cloud and it is fully secure. The main data of the hospital is of Receptionist, doctor, nurse, radiologist, etc and it maintains everyone’s data.

Avoid mistakes & track each detail

Managing hospital is a significant concern where there is no scope for mistakes. A manual system can’t ensure reliable and 100% accurate processing. Traditional records kept with folders and paper are difficult to keep track of-papers have a tendency of getting lost or left in patient rooms. This can lead to everything from annoyance to doctors not knowing what tests or medications have been administrated. Worse, when a new doctor or nurse comes on shift, they may not have an accurate picture of what has been done-and if the chart isn't right in front of them, may issue a new order based upon incomplete information. A hospital information system eliminates this by allowing doctors and nurses instant access to patient records directly from a computer.

Financial manage and tax planning

The management has the ability to monitor different financial operations including expenses, profits, and losses, paying bills and taxes, in and outpatient billing. The financial awareness helps to analyse business prospects quite clear and move in the right direction.

Less-time consuming

As the services and communications are updated in all possible directions, everything is being prepared with greater precision. It saves the time of all the system users and gives them with up-to-date information.

Features of hospital management

  • Appointments

  • Patients management

  • Billing management

  • Prescription management

  • Discharge summary

  • Supplier management

  • Pharmacy management

  • Stock management