Laboratory Management

Laboratory management software is automated medical labs daily activities

  • Manage logistics efficiently

  • Focus on critical reports

  • Eliminate human error

What is laboratory management ?

Laboratory management software that is used in labs for data management and to process a large number of lab samples to manage laboratory workflow. the lab can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information. Additionally, labs can produce valid results quickly and can track data across experiments to improve efficiency.

Why laboratory management is important ?

The main purpose of using a this software in a lab is to improve the efficiency of sample processing and management, would cut down on the need for manual tasks thereby increasing the accuracy in sample analysis and is stored for future reference. The LIMs vendor you choose will define the proceeding process of the software.

Benefits of laboratory management

Track samples in real-time

The Sample Workflow Manages and automates the sample handling process as soon as the sample is collected and bar-coded, allowing the technician to track samples in real-time.

Focus on critical reports

Pathologists and doctors approving reports can save significant time with a unique auto-authorization feature that automatically approves reports with normal values. Only reports that have abnormal values are sent for the doctor’s authorization saving significant workload and time.

Manage logistics efficiently

The efficient logistics management solution in lab assigns unique barcodes to each sample and notifies the processing centers as soon as the samples are registered at the collection center, making it possible to allocate resources, reagents and material even before the samples reach the processing center.

Eliminate human error

Labs can exponentially improve efficiency by integrating lab equipment and devices on a single secure platform. This allows data to automatically transfer from the device to the Lab Information System, eliminating laborious manual effort, saving time, and reducing human error.

Features of laboratory management

  • Scale business quickly

  • Clinical trials planning and management

  • Sample profiling including storing test results

  • Sample management and tracking

  • Disease profiling

  • Training and qualifications tracking