Leave Management
Leave Management

Leave management application allow to monitor and approve leave

  • Keep track

  • Requests from any device

  • Enhance communication

What is leave management ?

Are you seeking for a straightforward solution that will allow you to monitor and approve leave requests from any device, keep track of who is off, and make wise plans? Nowadays, HR job is performed away from a desk. It might occur while you're in the metro, in a meeting with a coworker, or on a weekend from your home. You need to be able to access your HR system when you need it most.

Benefits of leave management

  • Give your staff the freedom to work anywhere

  • Allow managers to quickly and on-the-go approve requests to maintain continuity and engagement.

  • Access critical personnel data from anywhere

  • Mobile collaboration for HR activities to ensure employee openness

  • It decreases paperwork and saves time.

  • Planning, monitoring, and scheduling vacations.

Features of leave management

  • Ease of use

  • Process automation

  • Access leave history

  • Improved collaboration

  • Cloud-Based

  • Track leave trends

  • Transparency