Oracle Data Integration

Oracle integration cloud solution for saas.

The robust data integration tool Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) supports a wide range of integration technologies and is built in such a way as to dramatically lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It gives businesses access to data via a single interface across the landscape of corporate systems and makes it easier to create business-critical data transfers across them.

Even though ODI is compatible with a wide range of technologies, there are specific adapters for Hyperion Planning, Essbase, and Financial Management that make integration easier. No matter if the source data is in a flat file, or an Excel spreadsheet, these adapters dramatically minimize the time and effort to load and extract data and metadata into/from Hyperion systems. Since it was announced that Hyperion Application Link (HAL) support and development will not be continuing, an increasing number of Hyperion clients have successfully switched to ODI and recognized its advantages over HAL. The modular design of ODI, which is based on Modules, speeds up the development process and makes it possible to use Best Practices to guarantee the greatest degree of data quality.

You may build best-practice data integration processes with the support of MindStream Analytics, which has unrivaled experience working with Oracle Data Integrator in the Hyperion environment. As a result, the maximum level of data quality is guaranteed, and root causes for differences can be found by reading a notification email. Our consultants work for one of the most well-known independent Hyperion training companies and are in high demand. Feel free to get in touch with us if you require assistance with an implementation partner for new development or a HAL conversion, want to talk about use cases, or require coaching on current procedures.

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