Payroll software manages, maintains and payments of employees

  • Payslips and files recording

  • Security & accuracy

  • Reporting and analytics

What is payroll ?

A payroll is a set of employees whose pay you process with a single frequency, for example, weekly or monthly. You put an employee on a payroll by making an assignment to the payroll.

Why payroll is important ?

It is essentially a HR software which combines all the different HR processes and systems to ensure easy management and smooth functioning of different business processes.

Benefits of payroll

Employee portal

HRMS can organize and store financial data. The type of employee data like their positions, employee records, start working date, salaries, insurance plans with banking and tax details, paid time off options, etc.

Analytics features

Analytic functions found in HR management software and systems include customizable dashboards, real-time reporting, prediction capabilities, automated data gathering, access controls, and financial analysis.

Bulk processing & reprocessing

HR teams to automate many employee payments over an extended period of time. Advanced tools come with an ‘unprocessing’ feature that allows you to undo and correct payment mistakes.

Online pay slips

HRMS systems make employees lives easier by ensuring recent and past pay slips are available for viewing or downloading at any time.

Features of payroll

  • Payroll processing

  • Leave entitlement

  • Data management

  • Tracking time

  • Attendance

  • Salary disbursement