Performance Management System

Performance management is process to monitoring goal completion

  • Reporting functions

  • Supports workforce planning

  • Boosts morale

What is performance management?

A performance management system allows employees to set their own goals, review their managers' or peers' performance, and keep track of their progress and performance.

Why performance management is important ?

Organizations spend heavily on performance management software to measure and monitor employee performance with ease.

Benefits of performance management

Eliminates bias from the system

A performance management system helps identify the top performers based entirely on their performance. Since all the performance data is available to everyone for review, there’s no room for favoritism, unconscious bias, and unfairness.

Promotes a culture of reward and recognition

With an efficient performance management system, it becomes easy to reward and recognize employees. There’s a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction among employees as they consistently receive rewards for their contributions and great performance. This encourages other employees to perform to their best ability and also improves employee retention rates.

Boosts employee morale

Appreciating your employees and rewarding them for good performance can go a long way in boosting employee morale. Employees are more likely to perform better if they feel they are evaluated fairly and consistently and enough support and opportunities are available for them to grow in their role.

Performance analytics

Your feedback system should have a data repository of all previous feedback given. This data can help in multiple ways. It can help in identifying the trends in employee performance and how they perform in certain situations. You can use this data to improve and enhance your performance management process.

Features of performance management

  • Self - Assessment

  • Performance reviews

  • Integrations

  • Enhanced skillset

  • Higher morale

  • Clear accountabilities

  • Improved productivity