Pharmacy Management


What is Pharmacy Management?

Pharmacy software encompasses a variety of solutions that handles pharmacy operations. Pharmacy software systems are used by pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and clinicians to not only deliver prescription medication to customers safely and efficiently, but so much more – benefitting both the pharmacy and its patients.

Why Pharmacy Management is important?

The pharmacy management system serves many purposes, including the safe and effective dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs. ... Pharmacy management systems should also serve the pharmacist throughout the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process.

Benefits of Pharmacy Management

Better Healthcare Outcomes

PMS reduces the workload of the pharmacists as it executes the tasks of counting, filling, capping and labelling the prescriptions. By eliminating the majority of the manual work, PMS allows pharmacists to focus on more important responsibilities like conducting immunization campaigns and health screening programmes.

Higher Safety and Productivity

The implementation of PMS reduces the probability of clinical errors and drug contamination. It also takes proactive initiatives of filling in patient prescriptions after working hours so that patients may receive the medicines early the next day. This saves a lot of time and is particularly beneficial to pharmacies that are crowded and have driven-through options.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Waiting times of patients are remarkably reduced by the usage of PMS. This is particularly meaningful in crisis and emergency situations. Since the patient’s needs are addressed immediately without much delay, their satisfaction levels are likely to increase.

Effective Cost Control and Waste Management

It allows pharmacists to dispense medications accurately with minimal wastage. Since these systems are automated, they promote re-usability especially in the context of injection vials. The reduction in waste results in better long term savings and reduces healthcare costs.

Features of Pharmacy Management

  • E-prescription
  • SMS and Notification
  • Report
  • Multi-Store and Multi-Location Support
  • User Management Module