Printlok allows to track accurately and efficiently the attendance

  • Flexible employee scheduling

  • Accurately track clock-in and out

  • Reports and insights

What is printlok application ?

A tracking system is an intrusive process of collecting information of employee's performance at the workplace. It is used for the observing of persons on the move and supplying a timely ordered sequence of location data for further processing.

Why printlok application is important ?

Employee attendance tracking that provides many benefits to an organization. It assists employees with being more accountable for their time and provides essential data for making business decisions.

Benefits of printlok

Address attendance issues

The main objective of introducing tracking software is to make an accurate attendance record of the employees. Employee attendance is still easy to record when all the employees have to report to the same manager. There are multiple factors related to the attendance of an employee off time schedule, start time schedule, arrival time, leaves, break times and so on. Apart from all this, the hourly work attendance is important to analyse the performance of an employee.

Rectify errors instantly

Employees don't always commit mistakes intentionally, it is a very common scenario that employees misunderstood the instructions provided by the supervisors to complete a job. That’s why superiors need to keep a tab on employee's work so that they can identify errors before it gets too late. The advantages of monitoring employees include sending those reminders, occasionally checking their work and making sure that they are on the right track always.

Providing accurate feedback

With the employee location tracking system, managers can provide the real, tangible and correct performance analysis to the employees. When managers have real-time statistics related to the employee's attendance, leaves, a project completed and so on, and then they can provide the correct feedback to employees.

Enhanced productivity

There's no doubt that when employees know that their every move is monitored by the supervisors, and then they waste less time and keep their focus on the work. They won't get distracted by meaningless office gossips or personal tasks.

Features of printlok

  • Attendance

  • Assigning work location

  • Helps in time tracking

  • Performance evaluation

  • GPS tracking