Comprehensive Strategic Solutions
Oracle Value Chain Planning

Oracle VCP is a complete planning solution built on a common foundation that leverages pre-built integration with both Oracle and non-Oracle systems. Oracle’s VCP solution can be deployed in a modular approach, enabling your company to solve its most important problems first to save time and cost. This will allow your organization to extend its product footprint.

Highlighted Benefits

Real-time demand sensing and shaping for revenue growth

Profitable alignment of supply and demand to achieve corporate goals

Improved agility and responsiveness to supply chain events


Fasten Demand Sensing

Improve Responsiveness
Actionable Insights

Improve Visibility and Control

Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center provides businesses with a comprehensive solution delivering analysis of operational, tactical, and strategic supply chain plans, scenario modeling and management and automated process execution capabilities. It offers critical supply chain performance metrics, real-time access to the data and systemic processes for simulating alternative business scenarios so that your business can make better supply chain decisions. The Advanced Planning Command Center offers unique benefits, including prebuilt dashboards, reports, performance indicators, facts, hierarchies, alerts and context-sensitive drill downs provide supply chain decision support tools.

Demantra Demand Management and S&OP Planning
Demand Management

With automated analytics ensuring that your plans are based on the most accurate, forward forecasts, Oracle Demand Management helps you maximize profitability with superior capabilities to better sense, shape, and respond to demand. Demand Management allows for demand-driven organizations to see higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers and lowered inventory and distribution costs.

Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning

Oracle Real-time Sales and Operations Planning extends demand-driven adaptive planning across your organization. This tool allows you to implement a comprehensive sales and operations planning process, balancing supply and demand around a one-number forecast to drive operational excellence and achieve profitability.

Production Scheduling

Designed by schedulers for schedulers, Oracle Production Scheduling allows you to control production scheduling, maximize shop floor and optimize resource investments. With this tool, you can improve the usage of critical resources, calculate feasible schedules and easily determine the best one to meet your objectives. In addition, you can leverage the out-of- the-box integration with the Oracle E-Business Suite (discrete, process, and lot-based manufacturing) to implement and earn immediate return on investment.

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